Welcome to SConIndia

Your requirements of improving operational efficacy through :
Productivity improvement [ Synopses 09, & 12]

Manpower assessment [Synopses 01, 04, 06, 10]

Work measurement [Synopses 03, 11]

Customized training, surveys and promotions [Synopses 02, 05, 07, 08]
would be appropriately addressed here.

Each area being with multiple facets, delving in details could best begin with synopsis of individual assignments done over the period of last two decades.


• you are a manufacturer [Synopsis 01], [Synopsis11] and [Synopses 12 a & b] or
marketer [Synopsis 02],
• you offer products [Synopsis 03] or
services [Synopsis 04],
• you fall under the category of SME [Synopsis 05] and [Synopsis 09] or that of a
corporate [Synopses 06 a to f],
• yours is a commercial business entity [Synopsis 07] or a
'not for profit' organization [Synopsis 08],
• you are at the beginning of your success story [Synopsis 09] or
• an old established market giant [Synopsis 10];
you require your operations to be effective.

To make them effective you invite specialized services in various areas. The services that we offer are explained next under two broad heads. First, 'HR Related Services' and second, 'Operations Related Services'.