Operations Related Services:

When we talk of a Chief Operating Officer, what we have for 'Operations' in our minds? Is it Production or Manufacturing including R & D and Procurement; does it also include Marketing to complete the cycle of make and sell; it is all - all the operational aspects - if not the technical ones.

As our service offerings here include straight forward capacity assessment exercise [Synopsis 03], so also it includes multilevel productivity improvement exercise [Synopsis 09] which may be called as an effort towards organizational development. The offerings not only include standard work measurement exercises like production norm fixation [Synopsis 11] but also include relevant surveys like the one for helping decide a market entry strategy [Synopsis 02] or for mapping of the existing customers [Synopsis 05] and even include making a complete story board for an audio-visual film aimed at export
promotions [Synopsis 08].

Through classical Industrial Engineering assignments we do aim at improving the existing method [Synopsis 12a] or system [Synopsis 12b] - at times by 100 % or more and what we do through all these; we just help decision making on critical issues. In fact the studies given under synopses 12a & b could be looked forward to for developing an approach in 'practicing methods improvement'.

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