Management in general and modern office management in particular considers 'value addition to the business' as guiding parameter while deciding on resource requirements.

The above is true of gadgets as well as manpower; but the important difference being- for gadgets only current cost needs to be considered, while for manpower current context plays a vital role.

Therefore, the emphasis on the following assignments is on qualitative, subject oriented analysis and corresponding recommendations; though, quantitative data is taken as support wherever relevant. An objective outlook needs to be borne for perceiving the same.

All the figures, data, references quoted under the various synopses are facts true at the time of respective studies.

Of the assignments given here under, assignments under synopses 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e, 6f and 09 were done as independent consultancy by Sconindia whereas assignments under synopses 01, 07 & 11 were done as associate consultant and assignments under synopses 03, 04 & 10 were done in capacity of consultant-in-charge with Bombay Productivity Council. Assignment under synopsis 05 was done with a private consultancy Procon. Other assignments were done under employment contract; assignments under synopses 02 and 08 with Clothesline Media Pvt. Ltd. and assignments under synopses12a and 12b with that of Ceat Ltd.- Tyre Division.

Synopsis 01
Mazagon Dock Ltd.

Synopsis 02
Sergio Tacchini.

Synopsis 03
Intergold (I) Ltd.

Synopsis 04
Reliance Industries-Healthcare Division's
Sir Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas Hospital & Research Centre.

Synopsis 05
Bandra Medical Stores.

Synopses 06 a to f
House of M. P. Birla.

a) Regional Office-West.
b) Regional Office-North.
c) Head Office of The Indian Smelting & Refining Company Ltd.*
d) Vindhya Telelinks Ltd.
e) Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd.
f ) Universal Cables Ltd.

Synopsis 07
Mukand Ltd.

Synopsis 08
Texprocil (The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council of India).

Synopsis 09
Purecotz Creations.

Synopsis 10
ACC Ltd.

Synopsis 11
Steelage Industries

Synopses 12 a & b
Ceat Ltd.-Tyre Division

a) Improvement in method of material storage & handling within plant.
b) Improvement of material transportation system for interplant transfers.

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