Synopsis 12a: Improvement in method of material storage & handling within plant

The Assignment:
Rubberized nylon fabric forms the base of modern automotive tyres. Round bands of various sizes that are made for various sizes of tyres are sticky by nature and require careful storage at and handling from its production station in band building department, to the next department i.e. tyre building. Conventionally, across the tyre industry (of India at least) this is done by inserting polythene sheet inside the band, wrapping the band in another polythene sheet and storing it in racks of the band building department; only to be taken by the workmen who remove these sheets for using these bands in the tyre building department.

This activity which consumes much of polythene sheets (which though reusable, still has limited life for its intended purpose) and labour is a cost addition and not value addition from the final consumers' point of view.

A trolley was developed with hangers for the bands and permanent separators instead of both polythene sheets. This trolley, being movable, could be used as intermediate storage, as well could be used for transferring the bands to the next department.

This the first of its kind endeavour in the Indian tyre industry had immediate annual saving potential of half a million rupees for Ceat. Reportedly, this was first introduced at one of the international manufacturing facilities of the company.

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